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Who are we?



marcus carolyn and giant roving clown puppet Hunky-Dory are Marcus and Carolyn Goddefroy. 


Marcus was born into an artistic and musical family. He started off early as a street entertainer in the Netherlands, but soon travelled all over Europe, living from his skills as a musical performer. 

At the age of 21 he emigrated to New Zealand where he continued his trade and visited thousands of children at their schools with his 17 different musical instruments. 

Later he added a puppet show to his repertoire.  

Marcus, Carolyn and the Giant Roving Clown Puppet

Marcus has a very playful nature,  now he does an extensive Magic show as well as a Giant Roving Clown Puppet which both captures and enthralls many an audience.

Marcus creates and builds all our own puppets!

marcus goddefroy making puppets puppetmaking puppet making



Carolyn is a dinky-di Australian, with interests in economic, social and environmental sustainability (Perma-culture), natural health and education. She met Marcus in New Zealand, where they combined their skills; now they live in Kookaburra Park Eco-Village. Together they developed the Hunky-Dory Puppet Show and have been performing since 1997, polishing their skills at shopping malls, markets, child care centres, primary schools, weddings, restaurants, birthday parties and festivals. Always pleased with their audience response, they know that many, young and old, will treasure their sometimes too short encounter with the magical, colourful characters of the Hunky-Dory Puppet Show. To see the children's shining eyes filled with joy, and the adults radiating a feeling of happiness, makes their work a dream come true.

haley marcus Our audience is very important to us. We offer a variety of options to suit you. Costs depend on the show and on travelling time. Networking on your part could reduce the fee: the more work we have in your area in a short span of time, the lesser the cost.

Marcus performing in the Netherlands with his father,  Hans Goddefroy.  

Marcus performing with his son,
Haley Goddefroy.  


Where are We?

Map of Victoria with location plotted out

Hunkydory Puppets are located in Central Victoria (VIC).

Donít hesitate to contact us for more information.  We hope to hear from you and to be your guest.



Map of Australia with location plotted out


Hunky Dory  Puppets - Entertainment for Bendigo, Ballarat,  Mt Alexander, Central Goldfields, Hepburn and Macedon Ranges Shires.